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Proactively sell targeted in-destination products when your traveler is at the destination

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inDest is a unique AI-powered B2B2C platform that drives in-destination revenue for travel companies. Powered by the world’s largest inventory of in-destination products & services

All products are offered proactively to your customers at the right time and feature instant confirmation and mobile tickets.


if you could proactively offer your traveler to book targeted indoor activities on a rainy day


if you could proactively offer your traveler to book nearby restaurants with their favorite food for dinner tonight


if you could proactively offer your traveler targeted in-destination products as they’re having breakfast and planning their day


Difficulty in reaching and engaging customers when in-destination

Most of the purchases are made when the traveler is in-destination, you need to be able to reach and engage them there.

We have a solution

Research shows that 85% of travelers use mobile devices to book travel activities online. (Martech Zone)

inDest is a unique MOBILE ENGAGEMENT platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you to offer tailor-made in-destination products and services to the right traveler at the right time.

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