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About us

Activities, Attractions and Tours turned over USD 254BN in 2019. Only 17% of bookings were made online. Almost half (48%) of activity/tour/experience bookings happen while travelers are at their destination and directly from the specific provider. The in-destination segment remains the largest travel segment that is not heavily penetrated on scale by larger providers.

85% of travelers use mobile devices to book travel activities. Apps are nice, but travelers tend not to have too many travel related apps as travel is not consumed very often, and the provider of travel is often different from trip to trip (according to Google only 23% of travelers say they have downloaded the app for the travel brands they use the most). If they do have the travel operators app (airline, hotel, OTA, travel agency, etc.) there is no real logic to use them whilst in-destination and push notifications have not reached scale yet. Emails are not regularly opened whilst on holiday and even if emails are opened on mobile phones, the customer journey is not optimal for a mobile environment. SMS has an open ratio of 95% and a response rate of 45%. The traditional aggregator platforms are not optimal for finding the right products when you are using your mobile and are in-destination. There is too much choice.

The inDest platform proactively sells targeted in-destination products via a unique mobile engagement platform when your traveler is at the destination.

inDest is a Swedish company with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden and Lviv, Ukraine.