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How Travelers Use Mobile Phones On Their Journeys

29 October 2021

In-destination mobile use is not new to travelers. Mobile phones are our tour guides, communication assistants, and more and many feel lost without them. Not long before Covid-19 struck, Skift Research wrote a highly interesting report* that still remains just as relevant as when it was written. The study examines the travelers’ mobile usage customer journey in detail. It provides great insights about how many travelers use mobile at each stage of their journey, how specifically they use it etc. The report is a great tool for travel brands to gain a better understanding of where they can fit into the in-destination journey in order to most meaningfully connect with travelers.

35% of travelers** have used mobile phones to book a tour or activity while already in destination for a vacation, with TripAdvisor dominating with just over half of the bookings. Technology provider Trekksoft also found that just 19 percent of tour bookings are made more than a month before a trip. Taken together, these data points make it clear that there is a huge opportunity for digital platforms to revolutionize how tours are marketed and sold. But there’s a challenge to travel brands attempting to effectively find a place in the in-destination mobile journey.

From the inDest perspective -well- this is why we’re here. inDest helps travel brands to proactively reach out to those travelers and offer bookable content with immediate response.

*Opportunities for the 15 Ways Travelers Use Mobile: Skift Research
**Tours and Experiences: The Next Great Untapped Market in Online Travel (

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