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85% of Leisure Travelers Decide on Activities Only After Having Arrived at the Destination

27 May 2021

Research from Google states that as many as “85% of leisure travelers decide on activities only after having arrived at the destination”.

Deciding on activities when you’re on holiday depends on a number of factors, such as:
– What do we want to do today?
– How is the weather?
– What else is planned for the day/where are we going to be?

How do you as a travel operator reach the traveler after they arrived in-destination? Emails are not accessed frequently when on holiday and they have a low opening ratio and low CTR. Most people won’t have the travel operator’s mobile app, and even if they have, it is not used regularly. If you do reach them and catch their interest they will be overwhelmed with the choice of products in your web shop.

At inDest we are convinced that this is the main reason as to why the large OTAs/aggregators haven’t been able to penetrate this segment more deeply.

This is why inDest was initiated! inDest is a unique, AI-powered  MOBILE  ENGAGEMENT platform based on SMS and CHATBOT.


Just 17% of Tours, Activities Sold Online in 2019 –
How Mobile Influences Travel Decision Making in Can’t-Wait-to-Explore Moments (Google)

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